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Alice in Wonderland

 How do you get to Wonderland? Over the hill or underland, or just behind a tree. . .

Anyone within a ten mile radius of me during the first few months of 2009 will know how excited I was to be planning my best friend's baby shower.  My elation was doubled as it was a time for firsts; my first time planning an event and my first little baby nephew!  Well I'm happy to report (many months later) that it was a success! With everyone's hard work it was a truly special event full of unique details and personal touches.

I wanted everything to feel whimsical and magical.  I mean that's what pregnancy feels like right, RIGHT?!

Because we wanted to ensure that la petite pomme frite has plenty of clothes, we made some handcrafted onesies for little Michael to don. . .

We celebrated with a little tea for two, and two or three (or fifty) for tea. . . .

There were friends, gifts, happiness and love.  But nothing can compare to the happiness brought about this fall by a certain little pumpkin for a certain mama and friend. . .

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Champagne and a Rosy Glow

While based on this blog it may seem like I spend my time either consumed by the computer or cooking in the kitchen, that is so not true.  Occasionally I actually venture out into the world to indulge in a little joie de vivre.

This weekend was one of those precious times.  I was lured out by my good friend in order to celebrate my recent promotion. Yay! No more "assistant" in my title. Now, time to drink.

Already in possession of a lovely bottle of champagne the task at hand became to find a fitting location.  After much debate we settled on the new, and extremely sexy Blush restaurant and lounge downtown.  Now while Blush is pricey, (and with some good reason like I said, veeery sexy.) we managed to settle our tab at a mere $21.00.  Amazing.  How did well pull of this little heist?  The oldest (and most bestest) trick in the book; corkage fee.

Upon arrival we were able to snag a table at the outdoor fireplace.  By snag I mean be pushy and help separate what was a four person arrangement in order to have more comfortable tete a tete. Totally worth it.  We then proceeded to order San Pellegrino, request a bucket to chill our champagne and commence the festivities.  What is the point of this little story? IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE FUN CHEAPLY IN SANTA BARBARA.

While it takes some craftiness and perseverance ( no Mr. Waiter I do NOT want to order anything, for the 20th time, thanks) the payoff is well worth it.

Now if money weren't an issue I would soon be buying this extravagant creation

Based off the saying that champagne should be sipped from a beautiful woman's slipper, this tongue-in-cheek vessel is made by none other than Louboutin in collaboration Piper-Heidsieck champagne.  It makes me feel like a drunken Cinderella which, me likey.  A more feminine counterpart to the Das Boot you can't go wrong either way because honestly, what's better than drinking out of a shoe?

Nothing my friend, the answer is nothing.