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Adieu (for the moment)

I really love this image by Gallery 32, Trina Baker photography

I'm almost off on my longest road trip ever.
If you are a pray-er, you might want to say a little prayer
for the bf.  Because Rachel in a car for six hours is bound to be exciting.
There will be laughter & tears, plenty of snacks, god-awful radio karaoke, & the ever present possibility of a complete mental & emotional meltdown.
I do not like car rides. lol

But I wanted to leave you with a little reminder
that summer is just beginning
and there are plenty of adventures to be had & great reading to be done.
So keep an eye out for my summer reading list!
Here are some participants so far.
Check them out, they rock.
Add your name, or add a book!  
You never know what type of things you might end up reading
if you leave the decision making to me!
and if you don't like reading that's ok too.
Because I really hate math. Like alot.
So no hard feelings :)

Little Blue Deer
Gorgeous Glam
Miss Makes Alot
Daydream Believer
Coeur de La
The Sassy Steel Magnolia

These blogs are all great, & each in their own way which makes this very exciting.
Once the list is up & running anyone participating will have a special place in my heart
on my sidebar so that people can
1. See how cool you are for reading books lol
2. Have a chance to read your blog because random blog finding is so fun!

So I made my first real blog faux pas! For our Mother's Day event at my work we had a great professional photographer who took all our pictures. I posted a couple on here to show you how great the event was & didn't credit him. I honestly didn't even think of it, & consider my blog so small & private I didn't think anyone would notice or care! Well he came across my blog and sent me a nice email reminding me the importance of crediting & he's right!

Apparently it looked like I was trying to pass those pictures off as having taken them, which I definitely did not, take them, that is.
I would hate if someone took my work & tried to pass it off as their own, so I feel very badly that he thought that. So this is my apology to Scott Gibson super cool photographer & anyone else I haven't properly credited.

I would gladly take any images down that people feel are rightfully theirs.
Except the ones that are my own! lol
Happy Friday Ladies & let this serve as a reminder to everyone
(because it is really embarrassing to get emails pointing out your mistakes!) lol
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A Little Present

Came in my mail today
So quickly!
I only ordered it a few days ago
 and it made its way across the country
in the blink of a boston terrier's eye.
Thank you Miss Makes Alot
for the awesome necklace
(& sweet headband too!)
I think I have decided to wear it
on the Wine Train.
Since it's a period piece
just like the train!
A little red lipstick and
voila. Glamor.
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Summer Vacation Planning

It's really getting down to the wire here.
I am walking the tightrope between staying fully devoted to my work
and letting myself get lost in daydreams about my upcoming 10 day vacation.
So far daydreaming is winning out.
Well I'm just spending my lunch hours squaring everything away.
And by squaring things away, I mean shopping for items to be used on the trip.
Items such as this beauty from Miss Makes Alot, which I will wear at some point on my trip
and this cutie I just snagged from Forever 21 to wear under a cropped navy blazer and khaki shorts. (It is way cuter in person, I will post an outfit pic!) Apparently it gets hot in Napa this time of year and my June gloom Santa Barbara wardrobe isn't quite prepared for hot weather yet. lol. Oh and pps I am super screwed because Forever 21 is just like 3 blocks from my work and I have absolutely no will power.
I thought I would share some packing/vacation tips since it seems alot of us are heading out of town soon.
I am in no way a doctor, travel agent, concierge or expert of any sort. 
I am just making lists & taking note of ideas I like as I come across them lol.
Hope you can glean something useful from this.

1. Get a mani/pedi.I am normally a total bum who slacks about having my nails done, but vacation is an exception. I plan on having my toes out & my hands on display so they need to look their best!

2. Since I am heading to Napa (aka a wino's dreamland) I am bringing my Crest 3D white toothpaste.
I already did the strips and the toothpaste isn't too expensive & is great at maintaining. Very important when consuming mass amounts of vino rojo.

3.  Be flexible. I know it sounds trite but I always have the best time when I'm being flexible about an itinerary. I always have ideas planned out and solidified but I leave room for changes because A. Things happen & B. I always find new things I want to try when I'm there!

4.  Pack your toiletries in plastic baggies. No spillage on your clothes!

5. Invest in a portable steamer. I bought one for like $40 and I love it. So convenient (it's like the size of a milk container & lightweight) just plug it in and stand there steaming away wrinkles! No hassle of ironing boards or laying items flat.

6.  Always over pack. I know most people would say the opposite (or not!) lol but seriously, there is no worse feeling that wanting to wear an item you didn't bring. It's torture.

7. Buy jewelry! Ok, this is a silly tip but one I love. I used to stress whenever I went on vacation about what trinket I would get to remember the trip. I spent hours scouring tourist shops for stuff that I didn't even display half the time. If you need a bedspread, silverware set, artwork, jewelry, pillow etc.buy it on your vacation. You will use it more often & it will mean more to you than a snow globe.

8. Save your money for dinner. If you are trying to be thrifty (which I always am) scout out less expensive places for breakfast and lunch. It's pretty hard to screw up a sandwich or pancakes & you can save the big bucks for a really nice dinner somewhere. Also some of the most delicious food comes from a hole-in-the-wall or a taco stand so don't be afraid to get your hands a little dirty.lol

9.  Bring flats (and heels!) Ok big secret admission time ladies. I have fallen twice in the past month in heels. Ugh! This is after years of a clean high-heel wearing record. I'm not one of those wibbly wobblies who cant hang with three inches of heels. I can hang, and I can hang while intoxicated! Damn Santa Barbara bumpy sidewalks.
So I have vowed to give myself walking options based off of the Napa terrain. lol

10. Roll your T-Shirts. Helps keep out wrinkles! Literally, roll them like sushi.

Ok that's it for now because I know that like me you probably don't have too much of an attention span for advice. Happy Hump Day!

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Rustic Herb Fries with Rosemary Garlic Aoli

It's summer time
and I daydream about
rustic Italian cuisine
sundried tomatoes
basil & rosemary
basically anything smothered in olive oil
and slow cooked

Rustic Herb Fries with Rosemary Garlic Aoli
A variation on Baked Rosa Maria Fries
2 Russet Potatoes
Minced Garlic (mine is jarred)
Dried Dill
Fresh Rosemary
Garlic Salt
 Preheat the oven to 425.
 I microwaved the two potatoes for 4 minutes. This was to cut down the baking time, as I made baked fries before & 45 minutes was a little too long for me.
Let the potatoes cool after microwaving.
Cut potatoes into wedges. I kept the skins on mine for a more natural taste & for nutrients!
Coat potatoes in olive oil, enough to make herbs cling & wedges not stick to the pan.
Chop rosemary.
Liberally shake dried dill, garlic salt, thyme, rosemary.
Add a pinch of paprika
Bake in oven for 25 minutes or so until golden.

Garlic Aoili
Mix mayonnaise & garlic with extra chopped rosemary & dill.
Let sit in fridge until fries are ready & serve with wedges.
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O.M.G. Love: The Monday Before Vacation Edition

It's Monday morning before my vacation week
and it's all I can think about!
I decided to post some OMFG Art.
Because I love this artist
and her work feels
like I'm already on vacation
sipping a pina colada some wine
and resting my weary feet.
I love her use of color
& her interior inspirations.
You may have already met her before
via Design Sponge & some other lovelies
who displayed her
Check her out! She has an Etsy too. Stephanie Levy. Love her!