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O.M.G Love, JKL Designs

She also has cool photography
So me! Haha at least in my mind I'm this cool
Check out JKL Designs on Etsy
Thanks Simple Blueprint for introducing me!
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Craigslist Freebie Redo

Ugh this bad boy is listed for free on my local craigslist. I am soo beyond tempted to go get this. With some paint (preferably black) and new knobs (think Anthropologie) this thing would rock! I love the overall look of it! However, I am notorious for my great finds, which never really come to fruition (aka i never finish my projects, boo!) I am also notorious for my home projects, even though I don't own a home. It's kind of scary.
Talk me out of it! lol or into it, whichever you prefer.
Do you like to do home improvement projects?
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First Thursday

In Santa Barbara we have something known as 1st Thursdays.  It occurs, as you guessed, the first Thursday of the month.  Art galleries stay open late and serve wine and appetizers.  Also special performances occur and there is often live music. Various galleries participate, so the idea is to make a night of it and trek around to the different venues downtown.

I am not a trekkie in that sense of the word, (in the sci-fi dork sense of it, yes I am!) so I have yet to participate in this fun little event. But it has me thinking. I would really love to participate in more cultural & social events. So why not? We'll see if I can drag my lazy carcass out for a night on the town tonight! (& by my lazy carcass I mean the bf) lol.

Thinking of art, I thought I'd share just a couple of my favorites. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an art connoisseur & I don't have a favorite period, or artist etc. As with music it's normally the individual painting or piece that speaks to me.

I encourage you to research & attend events in your area! You all are constantly inspiring me to step out & do something with myself so I would like to pass that sentiment on :)

and if I only lived in London, this sounds amazing, Grace Kelly = Tres Chic!
17 April - 26 September 2010

Grace Kelly: Style Icon 

Sponsored by Van Cleef & Arpels

The spectacular wardrobe of Grace Kelly will be on display at the V&A. Tracing the evolution of her style from her days as one of Hollywoods most popular actresses in the 1950s and as Princess Grace of Monaco, the display will present over 50 of Grace Kelly's outfits together with hats, jewellery and the original Herm├Ęs Kelly bag. Dresses from her films, including High Society, will be shown as well as the gown she wore to accept her Oscar award in 1955. These will be accompanied by film clips and posters, photographs and her Oscar statuette. The display will also include the lace ensemble worn by Grace Kelly for her civil marriage ceremony to Prince Rainier in 1956 and 35 haute couture gowns from the 1960s and 70s by her favourite couturiers Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Yves St Laurent.

Someone over there in Europe, please please go to this and take pictures for me! lol
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Summer Time, Living Easy

Last night was one of my favorite nights of the week, Taco Tuesday! If you don't know what Taco Tuesday is, don't worry, it's pretty self explanatory. You eat tacos, the day is Tuesday. In college it meant cheap tacos & beer at local watering holes, but now I've adopted it into my cooking routine.
It's strange how a theme can brighten your day.  I swear I could not shut up about it all day yesterday. I ended up making Trader Joe's mini taco appetizers (yum!) some bean dip and margaritas!

It really felt like a celebration and it was just the bf and I.  Not only did it feel celebratory, but it made me yearn for those warm summer nights when it stays light out until nine or so. And even though you don't get summer vacation anymore, a little part of you relaxes as though you weren't facing work the next day.

It was in this spirit that I started researching some summer outfits for myself. Ms. Taj over at Gorgeous Glam posted a few days ago about her ocean inspiration and it reminded me how much i just loove coral colors. Coral accented with a little turqouise & gold just makes me want to melt into a warm summer day. Ugh and if I only sported some nice amber skin I would look super amazing. . . an Irish girl can always dream. . . .
Just love this coral dress with the greenish Ralph Lauren sunglasses. This is my idea of a cool summer look, what is yours?

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A Purse Bears No Reflection on My Soul

Ok I know, that title is a bit dramatic.
But I'm telling you, my purse is one theatrical ensemble.
So here it is, the dreaded purse tag post, courtesy of my executioner, Adventures of a Wife and Mom
I kid I kid, her blog is great, I'm just very sensitive about my purse hoarding situation (I think they should make that a new show about specifically purse hoarding)

You have the receipts, which I stow away instead of deposit into the trash can.
The Splendas come next, which result from my morning iced sugar free vanilla lattes.
I once stumbled upon one hiding in my pocket, and gasped when I realized I had become my grandmother.
Surface sanitizer, because I like to be clean.
Scope, because I like to be so fresh & so clean clean.
Contact case. My useless eye doctor gave it to me on my last visit. "You may or may not have an eye infection or eye irritation. Here's some antibiotics & don't wear make up" Thanks for being so definitive. Glad I am paying you for this. You are being about as useful as a weather man.
Must have MAC lipstick in Dubonet. Deep red, yum
MAC lipgloss & Lorac nude lipstick.  Somehow they just collect.
Have to have the bobby pins, they are my secret weapon against unruly hair
A card from Honeys, where I get my eyebrows waxed, this represents the fifty business cards strewn about inside my purse, plus, she does really nice things with my brows.
Sharpie from when I do the check in tables for my job.
So now you've seen it, my private shame. I made it as pretty as I could so as not to scare you off.
Ah I must pass this curse on.
I pass it along to whoever chooses to accept this challenge.
Honestly most of you I read have already shown me your dirty laundry! lol
So if you haven't aired anything, please do so and let me know
Ease my pain over here :)
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Mid-Day Mini Post: Best Date Ever

So while doing my daily blog-stalk dance I came across Mrs. Southern Bride's  post reminiscing about a date she will always remember.
Now, Mrs. Southern Bride's stories always make me a little envious.
Not because I don't think I share a special love with the bf, or doubt that he is the one, and not because I don't want good things for Mrs. Southern Bride.  My jealousy stems from the fact that she is so good at expressing all the little things that make her husband great, and their relationship happy.
I on the other hand tend to channel my inner child when it comes to gushing about the bf.
"Hey dork, you smell" is my "I think you are amazing and you make me complete"
I am easily side tracked by work stress and petty annoyances.
Boo on me.
So today I thought I would share my favorite date memory (besides when he accidentally ate a blob of Wasabi hidden under lettuce leaves and had a mini meltdown :)

We were still in college.  In what some people can relate to as that awkward time when you are still just friends, but dating, but not acknowledging a status. I know, very stupid :)
Anyway I was hanging out in his room, sans roommates. A rarity.
Flipping through the channels we skipped over our usual National Geographic shows (another past time I adored with him) and stumbled upon Ferngully.
Yes, the nineties animated musical about fairies & deforestation in the Amazon.
We proceeded to watch this ridiculous movie & order Chinese food.
I knew then that if this guy would watch Ferngully with me & laugh while devouring some chow mein, there was something serious on the horizon for us
Please share your best date stories, as at least for me it has been so enjoyable to remember some really great times that slip my mind far too often.
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A Weekend Dinner

Friday night we had dinner on the pier
It was a compromise, since I wanted a picnic
A great compromise it was
Ocean breezes and salty sea fries
Cocojitos ever flowing