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Ah T.G.I.F. And I can breathe again. FYI about me, I only really let myself feel relaxed on weekends. I just don't know how to function as one of those "after work happy hour" people. I'm an "after work, cook dinner & sit back with a glass of wine" type of person.
So again, T.G.I.F. Hope everyone has wonderful plans. I'm trying to get the bf to have a beach picnic with me this evening but hes more a restaurant type of guy ;)
I think we'll compromise and have dinner on the pier. Then my friend will be heading up from LA tomorrow and well probably lounge around in the heatwave expected this weekend.
Get excited for Monday because I've been tagged by Adventures of a Wife & Mom to show you the contents of my purse. I can tell you it ain't going to be pretty
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DIY Lace Nails

So I'm a little reluctant to post this awesome DIY. Why you ask, would I be so reluctant to share something great? Well because sometimes on the inside I'm an eight year old girl. This DIY is like a pair of sparkly golden jellies (if you were a kid in the nineties you know what these are--if not they are these ridiculous rubber shoes that everyone had to have. they came in bright colors and often involved glitter flecks).

Anyway I wouldn't want to tell my bff about where I got my new jellies, because I know she would have to go get said jellies too! And when you're eight that's just not an option.
Lucky for you ladies I'm not actually eight. I'm 23. So I'm sucking up all my "I'm an only child" greediness and sharing with you today.

Plus it's really only fair that I repost this since it was shown to me by an awesome reader!
This is a DIY tutorial for creating the Lace Nail look which I have been O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with.
I will have to update you if I actually try this out for myself :)

1.  Topcoat
2. Scissors
4. Lace
Apply one layer of topcoat directly to nails.
Cut lace to nail correct size and place on nail & let the topcoat dry
After lace is firmly adhered to nails & topcoat is dry, paint another layer of topcoat on top of lace
 Check out Behind the Seams who is the source of this awesome DIY & Thanks to Luka from Run Don't Walk 
for sharing! 

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O.M.G Love, Rosson Crow

So in listening to classical music and being in a generally brooding mood today I stumbled upon something while searching around for a darker inspiration. The amazing art of Rosson Crow. When I saw amazing I mean AMAZING.  I love the melting feeling the images evoke, because well, they look like some decadent interior just melting away. And in case I hadn't revealed my secret to you, I have a dream of living in some gorgeous yet decaying manor. Something so romantic about it. I know, weird. Let me be and enjoy what I wish was hanging on every square inch of my apartment.
Check out Rosson Crow here. Ugh, I die :)
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Out Sick

Today I am out sick.
No exciting posts.
No clever quips.
But everyone's lovely blogs have been cheering me up.
Until tomorrow.
If only I could be confined to this bed.
And thank you for all the great feedback on my hairclips, very much appreciated.
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Tea for Two

Some as much as I deny it, I'm a crafty person.  I make hairclips, which surprisingly enough some people like.  In May my good friend and I will be in a street fair peddling our wares so I've been slaving away to get ready (not nearly as much as I should be).  I hope you enjoy the below, the outcome of my work so far.  Have a seat and sip some tea! And please, to save me from public shaming, let me know what you think.
On a side note, if you do enjoy what you see it will be available in an online Etsy shop very soon or you can contact me via email for some personalized items.
Hope you enjoyed the viewing; bows, feather clips, and hand-braided hippie headbands--oh my!
Ah the weekends almost over, boo.
Hope yours was good, mine was :)