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Freebie Printable Part Deux : A French Bulldog in Paris!

Hellooo. So apologies are in order for the fact that my posts (and blog visits) have been few & far between.
I could make a million excuses, but I know I'm not the only busy one, so I wont! :)
Hope the the beginning of your holiday season is great. I will be stuffing myself with everything (but stuffing--yuk!) this year. All hail the glorious food coma!

Just wanted to share a little card I made below. It's not for class, I was just trying to practice my clipping masks in Photoshop. Not perfect by far, but getting sooo much better.

Both images were provided by stockxchng (here & here) and are greatly appreciated!
Please feel free to print this for personal use :)
You can find the download HERE

Top is the outside, bottom is the inside! I wanted it to say From Paris with Love, but thought if I left it blank you could fill it in wherever you are!