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The Clock Strikes Twelve

And these ladies will still look great.
I on the other hand am over here nibbling on a salad trying to decrease my pumpkin-esque shape.
These images are from the Costume Institute Gala 2010. I love seeing the looks each year.
I had some unexpected favorites this time around that I thought I might share.
J.Lo. Normally I think she looks like she is trying way too hard, like as a little boy she dreamed of being a beautiful lady, like she has stuffed herself into something god-awful (um remember the camel-toe unitard from her New Years Eve performance this year?)
Basically we don't see eye to eye on style.
but this, I LOVE. The details, the color, so elegant, so intricate, so feminine. I want!
Apparently this is model Coco Rocha. (As much as I have an opinion on fashion, I'm not the most knowledgeable. so shoot me! lol) Anyway this is a little more avant garde, & I probably wouldn't wear it, but i love how it looks like she's a mermaid who just stepped out of the water & it's still trailing her. Yes thats what I think it looks like :)
I think Ivanka Trump is very attractive. Which is hilarious because I think both of her parents are the exact opposite. With her skin tone and that dress color I think she looks like a golden Greek goddess!

Oh em gee. It's my new fave Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Such a sexy dress. Love that it's nude with black accents. This one I would wear.
Finally, Sienna Miller. So different from the others but I love the navy & black. Love the ankle strap shoes also. I cant pull those off, I'm short & it makes my legs look far too stumpy. Normally when I see Sienna I say to her "ok, you are not a  hippie, please brush your hair & gain at least ten pounds. oh & stop going back to the bald jerk who boned the nanny."
but today I'm saying. "oh giiirrrl you look good in that dress, where can I get one" :)

I know I said I was too busy to blog this week, but somehow I always manage to squeeze in time for procrastination. . .

Images from Boston.com

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Je Ne Sais Quoi

I wanna be the girl with the je ne sais quoi.
When I walk by they will say ooh la la.

This weekend while tossing back my Saturday night vodka tonics
the bf & I discussed which good looking celebrity we would want to be.
This discussion was sparked by watching Tombstone at the bar we were at &
noticing how Val Kilmer used to be so much more attractive than he is now.
(10 yrs ago = normal dude, today = bloated baby hippo. it's really sad)
I know, strange scenario right?
Anyways the bf said George Clooney.
I scoffed. 
"Ugh, how cliche of you to want to be the sexiest man alive" lol
After much harrasment about his choice, he changed it to some other stereotypically sexy man.
*I can't remember who because this was several more vodka t's in. I have no shame about this :)
I on the other hand said I would want to be someone like Eva Green.
I think she is tremendously sexy, but I cant really tell you why.
She is not the prettiest, nor does she have the craziest body, part of me sometimes even thinks she is unattractive.
but something about her is just so appealing.
and so I want that, that je ne sais quoi.
That little something that is timeless & ageless.
That transcends beauty.
So new goal, figure out how to acquire the the undefinable. Shouldn't be too hard right?
Who pray tell, would you be, in your wildest dreams?