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Black & Cream & Lace All Over.

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SOL Food Festival & Farmer's Market

Tonight is one of those great fall nights where it's frightfully windy & cold,  and it feels really satisfying to just be inside. Listening to the world roar around you. For some weird reason it gives me this sense of inexplicable excitement, like  Christmas Eve. Like anything could happen out there. Tomorrow I'll head out to find that the only thing to occur was plenty of leaves decided to pile themselves not-so-neatly on my porch. And a tree branch might have sacrificed itself to the wind gods. Nothing more.
But I do love this familiar feeling, a reminder of childhood wonder lost.
 This weekend was the SOL Food Festival.  It wasn't what I was expecting, nor would I say it was the best festival I've ever been to. But everyone's heart was in the right place (woohoo support Mother Earth!) and there were sweet little scenes to be found everywhere if you had your eyes open.
Baby ostriches! The fluffiest little creatures I've ever seen.  And the little kids completely enthralled by them.
Farmer's market, filled with gourds & pumpkins, little orange clocks telling us that Halloween, Thanksgiving and finally Christmas are almost here.
So a lovely weekend it was. And culminating in such a great Monday night, sitting inside, eating & drinking wine with my sweetie. . .