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The boys wanna be her.
The girls wanna be her.
I wanna be her too.
Yes I do.
It's finally Friday afternoon.
I could barely stand it another second!
I think it may be one of those raucous weekends.
Where I throw caution to the wind
& have a little fun.
Perhaps be a wee bit naughty.
Isn't that what weekends are for?
Love the mischievous look on her face.
Need to find some glasses & rock that look.
Have a great weekend, & be free.
We should all take a cue from pups
&stick our head out the window 
& let the wind blow on our faces.
The songs below will be blasted through the rooms of my house when I get home.
To celebrate.
Check them out. :)
Disclaimer, some of the lyrics might be inappropriate or offensive. The beats just put me in a party mood! But don't want to offend anyone else so warning ya
Thanks Beautiful Things to Share for this photo that epitomizes my mood

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Feathers & Lace

It's Thursday morning & the closeness of Friday afternoon has put me in a frisky mood!
So I share with you Plumes & Dentelles or Feathers and Lace
Photoshoot for Chantal Thomass luxury lingerie
I love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I actually just took a recent pic of her in to have my hair color similar!
I adore the romantic & historical vibe of this shoot also. Marie Antoinette in her undergarments.

Hope this helps Friday come all the sooner!
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Mid-Day Mini Post

So time to catch up y'all. I'm sorry, it's Wednesday and my inner Britney is peeking through. Stop me if I start devouring Cheetos & Frappucinos & posting pictures of my gorging sessions. That's when you'll know I've gone over the edge.
I've been a little overwhelmed lately (as I'm sure y'all are too) so I feel that my posts have been 1. a little rushed and 2. not wholehearted on my part.
Ugh I know I have become one of those people. I don't know whats wrong with me, maybe a little bit of spring fever?
I'm sure you've seen the other symptoms of this disease, aka the random changing of my blog look.
I'm sticking with this for the moment, tell me what you think. Keep, or is it the result of  my unsettled busy-bee syndrome?
Anywhoodles I needed to do this post to belatedly thank people for the blog awards I've received!
First is the Stiletto Award, from Adventures of a Wife & Mom
She is really sweet & really funny & from the looks of it has the perfect family over there on the East Coast!
I pass this along to the faboosh stilleto wearing blogettes I know
1. Katie from Fashion's Maven
2. Vivian from Diamonds & Tulle
3.  Taj from Gorgeous Glam
& Slumber Designs her gorgeous masks post has me dyin over here!

Second award from Ms. Taj Acosta my bloggy buddy from el principio is the beautiful blogger award!
so 7 things about me you probably didnt want to know but are about to find out:
1. My nickname as a baby was gumball head. this is because i was super bald and my head was perfectly round.
2. I think I may want to go to design school. Can't figure out if its interior, fashion or graphic design, but something.
3. I love Power Berries from Trader Joes, yum!
4.  I could eat potatoes all day every day & never get sick of them.
5. I'm a Scorpio. It fits.
6. I used to be a total science dork in elementary school. I received many a crystal growing kits.
7. I love the bf! I know you probably guessed that already just needed to say it today.
I can't pick seven of you to give it to. Also, like I said, in this little community a lot of you I know already received it!
so I will reference two newbies to my blogroll that I think epitomize this award
1. Overlooking Mississippi. Beautiful Place
2. Behind the Red Door. She is doing a "Beautiful Life" Picture Mashup that I think is just beautiful!
Ok ladies & gents this has turned into quite a large, non-mini post. So I bid you adieu & please winners, pick up your awards from my award section and pass it along!
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I Heart DIY

It's really no secret that I heart DIY. I swear if only I knew carpentry & upholstery I'd be set for life. (hmm or maybe only for my secret fantasies of HGTV)
Well anywhoo I am always experimenting with DIY tutorials.
Some are good, some are bad, and some I just screw up beyond repair. 
The latest is a DIY safety-pin tank from P.S. I made this
The inspiration is much more detailed, but I used my current summer color obsessions to steer my version.
For my version
1. Coral Tank from Forever 21 around $400 I think.
2. Gold safety pins from sewing shop $6.00 (but I still have tons left)
3. Aqua beads $?
You like? Does anyone wear size small? It turns out I can't wear this :( It shrank in the wash ( I washed the tank when I bought it) & I didn't realize it! I didn't realize it that is, until I tried to proudly display my new craft. It's a bit too snug on me to look as cute as it should, so if you feel it may fit you & you want a slightly embellished tank free of charge, email me.  Everyone else feel free to just steal this DIY away for yourself! So cute.
littlegirlshinyworld@yahoo.com :)
P.S. I felt I should add that this project rocked because I just pin-ed away while watching T.V., drinking wine, etc etc. No being trapped by a glue gun or wall sockets! In case you needed more reasons to try this at home.
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Spring is in the Air

and it could, someday soon, be in your hair! (I know I need to stop with this whole rhyming thing lol)
Working on some new brighter, springier, & more kid friendly hair-things.
Betsey Johnson-esque
Just about a month until the faire. Then it will be available on Etsy & you are more than welcome to shop! :)
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Weekend Roundup

It's time again for the weekend roundup. What did I do this weekend? I think the better question is what DIDN'T I do this weekend :)
Beach camping. Check.
Train ridding. Check.
Easter celebrating. Check & Check.
The weekend was full of friends, fam, slightly drunken hugs, following puppy paws & just generally floating.