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Daily Frivolity, The Color Bug

Thanks Hair Romance for this Awesomeness! This is not my hair!
 When you are turning 25 and getting married, you occasionally have one of those little freak out moments. Like, OMG, I'm an adult. Almost not a "young adult". When in the capital F did that happen?! Hopefully these moments are few and far between, and properly expressed in the privacy of your home. Or else you might get a few strange side-glances from the sales girl wondering why you are tearing up over trying on a super sequined mini dress (and it's because you are thinking HOLY S**T a day will come when I cannot wear this amazingess anymore without looking like a sad has-been showgirl)

If this happens just take a deep breath. Remember how happy you are. Remember how lucky you are. Remember that age is only a number. This will make you grin at yourself in the mirror in that same sparkly dress, in that same overpriced department store. The sales girl will now think you've really lost it, but whatevs she doesn't know you. She's probably still just a young adult. What does she know?

And if you can't remember all those great things about your life, and how far you've come in your 24 years on this earth, there's still hope for a little bit of happiness. And no its not a vodka tonic. Or I should say its not only a vodka tonic.

Buy Kevin Murphy's Color Bug. Indulge in the dip dyed, ombre hair look, temporarily. Because you're still young. Because you are hot. Because you f-ing can! (and if you can't I'm sure no one will be rude enough to tell you)