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Preparing for Flight

Paris is oh-so-quickly approaching.
Despite all my planning, I feel completely ill-prepared.

Operation learn French in one month: fail.
My list of restaurants to visit is far longer than my stomach capacity is wide.
Sadly. **sigh**
And as the primary planner in our household I feel all the pressure of creating a successful trip full of wonderful memories.
The bf's only plan revolves around stuffing his face full of crepes.
Oh, and the daily bottle of wine and block of cheese he's been moo-ing about for weeks now.lol
( if you've never met the guy, he's real skinny, so i'm allowed to be bitter and crap-talk about his eating habits!)

I've been distracted lately with my graphic design class.
We've been learning a lot about the importance of having a strong concept for a project.

It's really had me thinking about this here little blog, and how I really need to focus in on a concept.
As you can tell by my ever changing decor around here, my ideas change with each shift in the wind and turn of my mood.
And Little Girl Shiny World, as cute as I think it sounds, well its a little long. and it might give the idea that I am a little girl, which my dears I am definitely not. I will share with you here that I am 24 years old. I don't play with dolls, and my view of the world can sometimes be quite cynical.. I wouldn't say the world is shiny all the time, some days it's barely a sheen for me.

The point is I've been doing some re-thinking about this blog. I would never abandon it. I love all the interesting blogs I've found and inspiration I encounter daily because of my outlet. But it needs some re-tooling. To be decisively me. Or decisively what I'd like to be, and share. A little cleaner, less scattered. More of me doing things that I love and searching out what those things are.

I think I'm having a kind of "Reality Bites" moment in life, and that extends into this realm as well. 
(if you don't get the reference, Google it. 2 hours of 90's angst perfected).

So I'll be back--Paris beckons after all.
But don't be surprised if I've changed.
Perhaps a little wiser, most unavoidably older.

Or maybe just fatter. From all the damn good food I've eaten.
Stay tuned!

From Pa Design
**oh and I just had to share this. it's a tripod that can mount onto a water bottle. no more cutting each others heads off or long arm shots of you and your honey! if it actually works its genius**