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One Day

in this little life.
first I'm off to work. . .
Then on occasion, some fun. . . 

Yum. Sometimes life is delicious.
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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

This week I can't decide whether I'm the wolf, or the girl.
Thanks Dustjacket Attic for great images
If you see your image here and I didn't acknowledge you, let me know & I can take it down or give you the props you deserve!

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Little Something for You, Little Something for Me.

Thank you Miss Makes Alot for adding to my wall of decorative medals! Yay, my day has been brightened. I finally woke up from that sleepy dreamworld where I spent most of my morning. Ms. Makes Alot understood my earlier blog award confusion (wait did I win one, was that an honorable mention, am I a runner-up?) lol and she made it very clear how this  process works. So I will be passing this along to 15 blogs that I think really know how to boogie.
1.Beautiful Things to Share
2.  Brunch at Saks
3.  Dustjacket Attic
4.  Cupcake Trash
5. Little Lost Love
6.  Happiness Is. . .
7.  Culture & Couture
9.  Little Miss Lee
10.Rockstar Diaries
11. The Vintage Obession
12.Under Lock & Key
13. Gorgeous Glam
14. Vain & Vapid
15. Adventures of a Wife and Mom

But wait, I said I had something for you right. Well below is one of the most ridiculous & ridiculously awesome things I have seen in a while. Hope it brings a smile to your face as it did mine :)

Haute Couture look familiar? That's right, this is called the Doggie Gaga Project & I think I may be in love :)  If you've stopped by to collect your award, check out my awards section and copy the "Lovely Blog" Award.
Ugh, tell me you can see the images! I think some aren't loading right. Boo
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Sweet Dreams

Can you guess where I wish I was this morning?
Something is a little off
A crick in my neck
A creak from my back
Deep even breaths are nowhere to be found
Deafening snores right by my ear
From my sweet little tired dear.

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In the Lilt of Irish Laughter

 You can hear the angels sing.

I woke up this morning with a miniature leprechaun hat on my head. This is how the Irish greet the morning of St. Patty's Day; with groggy mumblings of jubilation & tiny plastic green hats.

So this morning I must say slainte to you all. Pronounced slaunch-ah (ugh I suck at phonetics) it's an Irish toast meaning "salud". To commence your celebrations I wanted to pay homage to my favorite Irish leading lady, Katharine Hepburn. Classic beauty, grace & strength, in my mind she epitomizes Irish femininity.

So enjoy your corned beef (YUM) & your beer. As for me I'll be drinking some Connemara on the rocks & watching The Quiet Man which I suggest your try out too. John Wayne & Maureen O'Hara in the story of an Irish-American boxer who returns to Ireland and falls for a feisty Irish lass. It's sweet & I watch it every St. Patty's Day that falls during the work-week. :)
Thanks Everything Fabulous for the awesome shamrock beer image.
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A Friendly Reminder (Mostly to Myself)

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Seriously, This is Too Much for a Tuesday Morning

Ok big big news. I have received my 2nd (yes that means I now have two) blog award and or shout out! Seriously these things confuse me. Like you pass them along? So if I'm mentioned I pass it along? I don't know and in all honesty, I dont care :) My interpretation is that if you mention me then I'm a winner! Same applies if I mention you! If I'm wrong then sue me, and watch as the judge laughs that you are going to court over a blog award ;) So woot woot & toot-a-loot!  I think you are trying to disprove my theory that Tuesday mornings suck. Thank you Jessica of Adventures of a Wife & Mom. Apparently there are strings attached to this, being that I have to share all my personal information with you.  It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for such an honor.  If this keeps up and I maintain my tradition of having some bubbly, you will have me drowning in booze! Ah well, I do love to skinny dip.
Cheers to swimming and check out my secrets below, along with 10 blogs that I think rock-the-casbah.

1.  I am fluent in Spanish because I was in an immersion program as a kid.
2.  One of my favorite books is The World According to Garp by John Irving. Its the shiz.
3.  I am not a natural red-head (I know, gasp!) but people continually think I am :)
4.  My dad is from Ireland which makes me automatically capable of obtaining dual citizenship.
5.  I have an abnormally large belly-button. But at least its not an outie. (Sorry outies!)
6.  When I was 11 I really wanted a pixie cut because it was so in (that's right I was cutting edge even then).  Well I got one and looked like a scary boy. Now I have really, really long hair.
7.  I wear way too much black & gray. Sorry, black is so chic!
8.  I once worked at a Vietnamese Karaoke Bar/Restaurant.
9.  I want a Coton de Tulear, badly.
10.  I was a Comparative Literature major and I hate grammar! People seem to find really surprising.

I'm not as cool as Jessica with her gangster rap minivan rides and rendezvous with the stars but I try.
Now for ten blogs I'm loving right now!
1.  Carbon Couture
2.  P.S. I made this
3.  Outsapop
4.  Everything Fabulous
5.  Brunch at Saks
6. The Little Fashion Treasury
7.  Sunday Suppers
and of course the people I gave a previous shout out to such as Daydream Believer, Bits & Baubles, Gorgeous Glam, Miss Makes Alot & Bardot in Blue

Whew I'm tired. Promise to post something a little later that everyone can enjoy, cheers!
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DIY Metallic Molding, The Outcome

So finally as promised (especially to a certain bloggy friend) I am posting pictures of my DIY Metallic Molding project. It's Sunday and I'm nursing a hangover some tired feet as I walked down State St. all day yesterday in the gorgeous weather and followed it up by a night of dancing in ridiculously high heels. Enough complaining about how great my life is lol. With a little coaxing and a lot of cooking love I was able to convince senor bf to do this for me. In case you missed my previous rants, I'm really terrible at measuring, hanging, hammering etc etc. Which is hilarious because I loovve DIY projects and my secret goal in life is to be on HGTV :)

I really enjoyed how this project turned out. It's so easy, yet so chic. I already have silver accesories and am planning on adding more which I think will tie in really well with this. I will say that i think it could work even better for others because we do have textured walls which makes the silver tape look textured as well. If you have flat walls I think you will enjoy this project even more!

I know, I know. I need to get some cuter pillows lol. But the bf has some really strong opinions about pillows, mainly that he doesn't like them everywhere lol. We inherited these from his parents and they work to tie in the black accents I have so for now I am settling. I will do a great big post when I get to order the pillows I've been eying on Etsy. We also inherited the table you see, which is cute but I plan on replacing as soon as my wallet allows :)
*** I should also point out the the Inspiration picture has the details and instructions on how to do this project, just click to enlarge :)