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This New Year

So I'm not the self-help type, or the proactive type, or the follow-through type. At least in my personal life. At work I would like to say I'm all these things and more!! Well I try. But of all things, I am definitely not the type to buy into the whole "New Years Resolution" thing. I really reaally wish I was. I just, I can't. I have too many areas in my life in which I can see room for improvement. I swear I start a list and then it becomes unbearably long and I have to start prioritizing and then the purpose of a meaningful list has been lost altoghether.

All this stress over my failure to conform to New Years standards and then I saw this. It was like a beacon in the midst of all these self-righteous New Year lies. 100 things I didn't know this time last year. Now that is something I can buy into. Because even against my will, I learn things all the time. Some are good, and some I wish I never knew (Google a prolapsed uterus. Ew. Michelle Duggar this is you!). So with a new courage I have decided that it's OK to face the New Year with a total lack of direction and an opposition to self deceit. At least I'm not listing one by one my flaws that need correcting, but most likely will be pushed back into the recesses of my mind by January 8th.

22 Things I Didn't Know This Time Last Year (When I was 22). . .

1. Horses, like cats, love cheeseburgers
2. Watching TV naked is infinitesimally better than watching it with clothes on.
3. A butt cheek is meant to be grabbed. Don’t ask.
4. I like to be the big spoon. Always
5. On a disgusting note, it seems that babies can make things literally explode out of their diapers. O.M.G. gross.
6. Living closer to work = a happier person
7. Apparently in SB widening the freeway is more important than fixing the 10,239.6656 potholes that litter it.
8. An aspic is a gelatin made from meat stock. Thank you, Julie and Julia.
9. There is such a thing as being an online window shopper.
10. It is possible to have an online window shopping addiction
11. Steak can be a really great thing. Especially if you have a sexy man making it.
12. Apparently it is uncouth to like chicken breasts
13. It is possible to get 100% on a Mandatory Annual Education Exam without reading one module.
14. Some special people think Creole is pronounced Crayolé. Like the crayons if you said it with a French accent. This person is a college grad. Seriously.
15. Scuttlebutt is my new favorite word and it’s a drinking fountain on a boat. Even though all I picture when I hear it is a little cartoon butt scurrying around.
16. Liking the people you work with does wonders for your mood.
17. Macarons, not macaroons, are the new bacon and I couldn’t be happier about it.
18. It is not abnormal for a cockatiel to hang upside down like a bat. But it is really scary looking.
19. Reading too much celebrity gossip can make you a voyeur. I have moved on to reading strangers personal blogs. 
20. Not all people know what a California Burrito is, but all people should know what a California Burrito is. Also people seem to think this is local to San Diego only or something. Newsflash I’m from SB and we have them up here. Thank God for that.
21. The creamy consistency of a chowder is delicious to eat, but deadly when dropped on your lap. Clings to the pants, burns the legs.
22. Finally and most importantly, if you have a blog you are a blogger. It doesn’t matter if you have only one follower :)