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Let's Get It On. . . .

So I am SUPER excited to be back to blogging. See how excited I am? I even capitalized the word super. It doesn't get any more excited than that!
Or. . .  does it? Because I am also excited by the cool blog game I've been tagged in this week. Honestly, this one is my favorite ever. Because it means I get to share with you all my inappropriate thoughts on celebrities and the offensive things I would do to them if we happened to be alone in the same room. Which thank goodness for them will never happen, because seriously, I have plans. They are drawn out. Literally, little sketches. I know it's wrong, but what can I say? I know how to spend my downtime productively. And to me, productivity means drawing pornographic doodles of celebrities.
Ok, really you guys should not have tagged me on this, see how ridiculous I'm getting already?

1. Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire. Seriously, does this need explaining? This is a vampire to be fantasized about. Not Robert Pattinson with his "Pip pip cheerio, I'm a vampire trapped in high school for eternity, teenage angst forever!"
No, Brad is the true vamp, with his long locks that I just want to braid & his tortured spirit, (yes Brad, it's so wrong what you do, but its sooo right)
Disregard Tom Cruise's nasty perm blocking Brad Pitt in this picture
Also to be remembered are Brad Pitt a la Legends of the Fall (seriously Brad with long hair is amazing) &
Meet Joe Black.

2. Eric Bana in Munich. I know this movie is so not supposed to make you need a cold shower, but holy moly that guy looked good in there. Then I discovered him in Troy, with Brad Pitt. It's almost too much!

3. Ok, no one accuse me of a geriatric fetish here, but this is a two-in oner. Robert Redford & Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. I'm so glad Paul Newman branched out into food products, because I could just eat. him. up. (oh yes, I went there!) I was really sad when he passed. Such a good actor, so good looking.
Please also disregard the horrific mustache on Robert Redford here. He's really better than that, I swear.

5. Louis Garrel in The Dreamers. Weirdest movie I ever saw. Offensive too. lol But this boy was so beautiful in it.
So now you've heard it. My secret shame. The men I would leave the bf for in a whirlwind of idealistically romantic notions, who I would share a passionate affair with before realizing the error of my ways when it was far too late for all involved. Lol just kidding. But isn't that how the story always goes?

So I'm supposed to tag you all in this little exercise. But I think that's pretty futile, because none of you can beat my list. I dare you to try! lol
Please, take my challenge, and let me know. So I can judge you, for one :) lol
and also because I'm in quite a movie watching mood. . . .especially if there are hot (and preferably disrobed) men involved :)
Thank you Jessica @ Adventures of a Wife & Mom
Jamie @ Daydream Believer 
for both tagging me & letting me indulge in a little daydreaming of my own . . .
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Hello Again, M'Ladies. . . .

It is that time of week again, Wednesday. The day when I am still climbing that ridiculously steep mountain known as the work week, and I'm almost to the top. Not quite though, and my legs are burning. I really want to just give up & head back down. I comfort myself  in these times with the memory of the paychecks I get every two weeks, and that's alright by me!

Well big news. Our fundraising event went spectacularly! So lovely & we raised a lot of money. Woohoo!
Also, our street fair has come and gone. Whew what a relief.  It was quite an experience. Our booth looked great!

Since I consider you all some of my oldest & dearest friends (whom I've never met :) I'll tell you the truth of the matter; it could have gone better. Ugh I know right! I should have spinned it & told you all it was amazing. But I don't lie too much on here and I dont want to start now lol.
Like I said, our booth looked awesome. People were coming by asking all about our decor etc.
On the negative side, the fair was put together by the Chamber of Commerce & was much more business & informational geared than it was an arts & crafts event. Lots of local businesses handing out flyers, hospitals, firefighters, etc. Not the type of people who want to buy embellished hair goods
Basically there were a lot of little old ladies stopping by to waste away an afternoon.
But it was fun! Great to spend time with my good friend, & thanks to support of friends, family, & our lovely shoppers I would say it was a success!
Definitely a learning experience, and I honestly think if we were participating in a more appropriate venue, such as specifically an arts & crafts show, or even a farmers market-esque event, we would have just killed!
Ok, more exciting news, the etsy shop is open! However at this exact moment it is empty, haha or at least on my end.
So tonight my task is take pictures of every single hair thing & post it for your viewing/shopping pleasure!
Honestly some beautiful things, it was hard for my friend and I not to just sell out all our items to each other!
So, get excited. I will update you within the next couple of days when everything is up and running.
I'm thinking I'll even be doing a big **GIVEAWAY** this week to honor our opening.(ps if I owe you a mail exchange item, aka Taj Acosta & Laura Loo, I haven't forgotten!!!)

If you forgot that I blog, (because honestly, I know, it's been that long) come back and remember me! I haven't forgotten any of you, and I will be making the rounds to catch up on all your lovely lives.
Below are some images of our fundraising event, because it was just so gorgeous it's almost unbelievable.
Pictures of the fair to follow soon too!
Haha I swear the event was packed, I just didn't want to post pictures of people who attended, in case they would be uncomfortable about it. Also I didn't want to show all our silent auction items up close for the same type of reason! So this is just a taste. Isn't it great! Sometimes I love my job. :)

** The photos from this post were taken by photographer Scott Gibson. Not me!
You all know I'm no professional! :)
He came across this here blog & pointed out my error.
Many apologies! & kudos to his photography skills