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This Friday I am thankful.
That it is Friday.
That I have a boyfriend who I love and I get to fall asleep to every night.
and wake up to every morning.
That I have this outlet
and a few good men who follow my sometimes bizarre little life story.
And who entertain me with theirs.

People say that life gives you lemons.
But I would really prefer some good limes.
So I could use them to chase my tequila shots.
or garnish my vodka tonics.

Happy Friday ladies!

p.s. sorry if anyone is offended by the random flashing of man-thigh provided by the bfs butt-less chaps costume lol
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Just Sayin'

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Supercool: Legends of La Cienega

So as Senor Bf (the bf that is) can tell you, my home decor can get a little theatrical. A staged seating arrangement here, a useless-but-fabulous knick-knack there. Throw in some sparkle and fur and you've essentially got my design mantra down pat.
Do I care that I basically live in an enormous "1 bedroom" studio and should probably be thrifty with my use of space?
Nope, I love to fill it with wonderfully impractical items.
So when I was reading Elle Decor online and saw Legends of La Cienega
where designers and set decorators create awesome movie themed window displays
I knew I would find decadence and creativity that would speak
to my rhinestone encrusted heart.
Did I mention I love movies too?
Inspired by Goldfinger 1964.

Inspired by Dr. Zhivago 1965
Inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's 1961
Inspired by To Catch a Thief 1955
Inspired by The Maltese Falcon 1941
Inspired by The Hangover 2009
Inspired by A Single Man 2009

Isn't this so cool? I wish I could have been there to see all this in person. . .

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O.M.G. Obsessed; Translucent Framed Sunglasses

I want them!
I love the blush color with the tortoise shell.
Pink and brown.
Never did a better color combination exist.
and @ around $79 not a bad price either
but instead I got these

Because I was introduced to polarization during my sunglass journey.
and I just couldn't go back.
The colors are so sharp and yet it cuts the brightness of the sun.
The perfect sunglasses.
Sadly they were explaining to me that fashion lenses are just starting to use polarization 
so my choices were limited.
(yeah I don't want to look like I just went mountain biking)
So I settled on these Ralph Laurens.
Which I still like.
But the little girl in me cant get over pink with tortoise shell.
I guess we all have to grow up some time.

Update: The sky has parted and the sun is shining on my newly cleaned, super sparkly floors! That tea solution left a beautiful sheen. This is a project I actually carried through and with great results. Try it yourselves and let me know how it works for you! Who knew tea bags and water could be so handy?
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Spring Cleaning

Ok so I am a little late on my spring cleaning.
And by a little I mean a lot. Let me explain.
I love to purchase and collect lovely little items. The smaller and more easily lost the better.
These are to be used in DIYs (that never happen), vignettes (that become clutter corners) and stacked away in closets because I'm too overwhelmed to deal with them.
The bf doesn't like this and if I'm being honest with myself, neither do I.

So in keeping with my renewed resolution to try and make the bf a happy man (hey you can only really directly affect so many people out there and at least for me the closest are often overlooked, no more I say!)
I am going to do an overhaul. Or at least try.
Since I am always looking for a DIY way out, I'm going to try the below solution for cleaning my awesome wood floors.
I am also attempting to embrace this cleaning bug because I need to keep myself busy.
It sounds lame but I am trying to save money for my vacation to Napa in July.
You might remember me asking you where we should head. Well we chose Napa!
Anyway my free time is often spent spending money in one way or another.
Money I would like to spend getting boozey and massaged in Napa.
So I'm going to fill my time with things that while they may not be as indulgent, will produce a really satisfying feeling of accomplishment when finished.
Ugh, I barely believe myself on this one, but I'm a big fan of fake-it-til-you-make it.
So check out this cool little wood floor tip I found on Casasugar.

Take quite a few tea bags (about 15 per two quarts of water), and brew and cool the tea. Then mop your floors clean using the tea mixture. The solution will both clean the floors and bring out the wood grain, adding shine. No need to rinse after you've finished!

Now if only this cleaning solution could make my wood floors parquet. . .