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Once A Bridesmaid. . .

Can I just say that I think I may have missed my calling in life? Seriously, I think I was meant to be a professional bridesmaid.
Now that might be because I just watched 27 Dresses on tv last night (and loved every minute of it!) but I'm still convinced I would rock at this position. You're probably thinking, "oh just be a wedding planner" but I've watched Bridezillas enough to know that I can't handle the crazy that can come out during wedding season. 
Of course I might encounter this as a professional bridesmaid too, but the chances are slimmer. 
Anyways I would love to do a table setting like the one below.
I don't know if that's honey in the jars but I love that amber color! So pretty

Now I probably wouldn't want to be at a picnic bench, but if you swapped it out for a table and chairs, omg perfect. Seriously magical. & what is a wedding good for if not creating a little momentary magic?
Keeping with that theme I'd also like to share this online magazine I found called Nesting Newbies
Check out the website & magazine here
So cute!
I'm sure you've all seen this before since I tend to be fashionably late, but if not then have fun.
If anyone is in need of some professional bridesmaid party planning services give me a holler I have tons of bookmarked party sites just waiting to be used!
woops & thanks sfgirlbybay & once wed for the wedding images

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Product Review Time

So I am super lazy unmotivated today. Santa Barbara has been hit by a serious case of June gloom. It's like one day it's 80 degrees and I'm sippin on a pina colada and the next day I scrambling to find a jacket and wondering why I thought it was a good idea to wear booty shorts with a bikini top out in public! I am experiencing terrible wardrobe confusion here.

Overwhelmed by such a paradox I am functioning at a very leisurely pace. So I am taking a moment to cover a product review I've been meaning to post for quite a while. Crest 3-D White Strips
I want to sing its glories from the mountaintops

Now I'm sure you are thinking, what? you have gloriously pearly teeth, why would you need these?
Well mon freir, I have a secret and its called Photoshop. I didn't want to scare you away with my big row of corn teeth(damn you red wine!). So I edited away. I didn't want to stand there, defending the fact that "my ma and pa are not cuzins, I swear" while chewing on an opossum drumstick.

So I forked over $50 dollars. These strips were my last hope. I've used others before and still a yellow tinge clung to my incisors, embraced my upper canines.
The result of my trial: Success!!
These work so much better than other white strips. Also really important to note is that they are so comfy to wear. So no counting down the minutes until you can get those clumsy trays out of your mouth.
I would suggest these to anyone. It's an addiction, I already want to use another pack. Great for the blogger looking to brighten her smile!
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O.M.G. Love, Boots

I love boots. Tall, Short. Chunky or slim.
And I love how this sketch encompasses
their "effortlessly cool" factor. 
Thanks Edith Saylor Style for pointing me in the direction of Numerous Drawings