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DIY Succulent Garden

Trends are such funny finicky little things. Take for example, succulents. I remember growing up my mom had heinous amounts of them strewn across our patio each with its own terracotta pot painted some awful shade of 70's blah that I would just gag over and tell her how they looked "soooo outdated". Don't forget my well practiced eye roll.

Like many things associated with childhood and parents, I thought succulents were so uncool. Cue my surprise, when in 2011, I started seeing those fleshy little blossoms everywhere. And I kind of liked it. It turns out they are interesting, full of variety, color, shape and size. To my amazement, there's no law of nature stating they have to be planted in ugly pea green pots (heads up Mom! lol) They can be modern terrariums, pretty planters or kind of what I was going for which is a sort of neo-classicism.

Below is the result of my new found love for succulents. I bought this awesome cast iron pedestal planter ( If you are Googling, I think it's actually called an urn, but that sounds so morbid!). All I did was put some stones in the bottom, add the cactus planting soil, and stick those puppies in their new environment. I had a jar of smashed shell bits I got from Michael's like two years ago (any hoarder crafter out there can relate to having such random things in your house you never know how you'll use! ) that were shimmery and pretty so I put them on top of the soil for added sparkle. Succulents are pretty sturdy so it should be no problem and I would definitely recommend adding something decorative atop the soil or else it doesn't look as clean.

The best part of this is that succulents only require watering like every two weeks. So my chances of killing these things just got much, much smaller.

*Side note, this project does adhere to my "takes less than 20 minutes to do* rule of DIY