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Home. Sweet. Home.

 So the past few days have been a tortuous combination of anxiety and anticipation.  What you ask, could have me tossing and turning, tugging my hair, gnashing my teeth? The answer is housing.  In Santa Barbara finding the right place, for the right price, that doesn't look like a beach bum just stopped squatting in it yesterday can be quite a chore.  When you find these rare jewels you jump, you pounce, you bring cash and make promises.  Even then someone older than you and richer than you will probably take it.

So has been my thoughts the past few days as my cynicism rages freely and I await news on whether or not I snagged one of the few habitable places around in my price range.  Fireplace, check.  Wood floors, check two.  Victorian house converted to duplexes, stainless steel appliances, I could go on and on.  If you are reading this before Friday, send some good Karma my way. I need it!

  In the delusional anticipation of acquiring my dream home I decided to take inventory of a few choice pieces I own (That are here in Santa Barbara. Thanks Mom for storing all my furniture at home!) I've also been online window shopping and bargain hunting, which as any good bf or hubby can tell you is a dangerous, dangerous pass time. . .

Reason number one for a new place, I need a closet! How cliche, no? But seriously I'm using a clothing rack, which while cool in a kitschy way is not very practical for those of us who tend towards the messy side

What would look oh so inviting on hardwood floors? Why this lovely sheepskin rug I bought at Marshall's for $40.  (That secret has been haunting me for too long!) This could compensate for the fact that I can't get a dog at the new place. . .

If allowed I would fill my home with chachkies (spell check? lol) Right now this is only allowed to exist in a tiny corner.  Soon, soon it shall spread with a scary swiftness :)

The piece de resistance?  The little liquor table, which I will make much much larger when given the space.  Get excited!