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A Greek Goddess Headpiece DIY

Ok, so this is not actually meant to be a Greek Goddess headpiece. lol
I am supposed to be a Maenad, a mythological character, follower of the Greek wine god Dionysus.
But that's a long explanation, and pretty similar.

I made this headpiece. Yay for DIY!

Rough instructions are as follows:

I bought a round "rope" of ivy @ Michael's. It is wired so you can twist & turn it as you please.

I folded the long "rope" in two & twisted it together to make the leaves appear thicker. It's also pretty long so this way you can use the whole length.

I now had a shorter rope which I curled into the shape of a crown and twisted together to make it stick. When I say twisted it sounds kind of vague but thats basically what I did, because like I said it has floral wire in it so you don't really need glue or anything.

Now that I had my crown, I used the acrylic grapes I bought at Michaels. They had ones that looked more like real grapes, but I liked these because they caught the light better ad looked more exciting. Luckily these bad boys came with wire in them as well! So I wove them into the crown of ivy and used the wires in their leaves to attach them to the crown. I also used additional floral wire I had on hand & tied it around the grapes/crown to further secure them.

Finally I added in some gold glittery leaves I bought at Michael's. Now, I could have tried to tie these in with wire, but because I wanted to use individual leaves which would be hard to tie wire around, I chose to hot glue them in. I just dabbed hot glue on the bottom of the leaf base & pressed it against the grapes. I figured they would hold glue best.

That's it! Very easy and probably only about $10 total to make. I just wore a wine colored dress my mom gave me, which looked a little too 90's to wear normally, but worked perfectly for this costume!
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Sweet Bubbly Halloween Costume

So I am a Halloween zealot. I can use zealot appropriately because Halloween did used to be a religious holiday of sorts. Now it's a celebration of gorging on candy corn, drinking in excess and putting together a ridiculous (or ridiculously slutty) costume!

I am a devout follower of these practices.

Anyway my friend asked me if I would be doing a post on creative Halloween costumes and I said no yes of course! So I thought I would share my costume from last year, which I really liked and was completely homemade.

Last year I was a champagne bottle! The pictures above are the hair aspect of the costume.
I went to Michaels & bought champagne colored Christmas ornaments (bulbs)
They were very convenient because they came with little hookish wire on them that I just bent and bobby pinned into my hair.

The other thing you are seeing is clear marbles, which I hot glued in layers onto a hairclip to make it look like piles of bubbles. Warning, they look cool but were pretty heavy. I did manage to wear them all day though.
For the rest of my costume (which sadly I have no pictures of) I wore a black tank top & black pencil skirt to be the actual "bottle" I then bought metallic gold poster board from Michaels and glued an enlarged copy of a real champagne label on to.

It was relatively easy and really interesting. I just added a ton of gold glittery make-up and ta-da! Human champagne bottle.

This year I'm going to be a Maenad (crazed female follower of the wine god Dionysus), basically a Greek wino. I've made my head piece already and will post it soon.

If I have any advice about Halloween costumes it would be:
1. Do it yourself! The store bought costumes are normally very poor quality and very widely sold.  Or if you do buy a premade costume, spruce it up with personal accessories to make it look less cookie-cutter.

2. Go to a craft store! They sell anything and everything basically. Want to be Mother Nature? Go buy tons of fabric flowers & leaves (they even sell little fake birds & butterflies) Want to be a champagne bottle. . .well you know.

3. Focus on hair & make up. Most outfits for women will be similar for costumes. Lots of dresses, skirts, etc etc. The way to really create an effect on a more plain outfit is to do really elaborate hair or make up. If you want to be a lizard (I know, who would want to do that) you can just wear a green top & pants, but do really detailed scales on your face with make up.