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Art for a Petit Bebe

 I am not preggo. Not even close! wipes sweat from forehead. Whew, dodged that bullet for the moment.

No I'm not in the family way, I am more in the "constantly stalking 20x200" way. 
Despite that fact, I'm sure I'll get a call from my mom in an hour or so say "WHAT, are you PREGNANT?"
She is the type of person who reads the opening line of an article and then gets too excited to finish the rest.

And then I'll have to explain, "no Mom, I was just stalking this site 20x200. . ."
Which will open a can of worms because she won't know what 20x200 is.
There goes the rest of my afternoon.

Anyway I just found these great prints of baby animals by artist Sharon Montrose. I think they would look killer grouped together in a nursery or kids room. I love them because they are by nature sweet and age appropriate for kids but at the same time aren't overly cartoonish or cutesy. Also I love the crisp white background which I think adds to the sophistication of each piece and allows for easy inclusion in any sort of decor scheme.

Bonus for all those "my kid is a genius in training" moms out there the prints can serve an educational purpose to teach kids different animals. Because you know playing them Baby Einstein videos isn't enough.