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Parisian Dreams

I was drunkenly stumbling around the blogosphere the other day, when I discovered what I consider to be a buried treasure.

I was over at Oh, So Darling and I came across the Etsy shop Oxford is Heaven, described as custom Marie Antoinette shoes. I gasped. My own unique pair of Marie Antoinette inspired shoes? Well I need them to trek around Paris right?

Then I remembered that since this Paris trip was a last minute decision, and much savings was spent on just the plane & studio, I will be living on mere pennies a day until we leave. This is so I will save money to be able to spend, spend, spend there.

So downtrodden, I looked at the pricing. To my shock her designs range from $20-40!
But again, mere pennies here. So I will have to wait.
But you don't! Please go check her store out.
Or her Flickr, as since she does custom designs her store doesn't display all her beautiful work!
And if you love me, buy me something & ship it to Santa Barbara (mom, are you reading this?)

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Little Girl, Shiny World in Paris!

The cute French Toast guy is by artist Natalia Arungen!

A little free giveaway, another postcard.  I know.
You are like jeez Rachel stop giving me postcards. Who uses those anymore anyway huh?

Well this is a special free giveaway to announce some big news.

Yep finally taking that big plunge. And the date is quickly approaching!

If you've been I would appreciate any advice on cool places to go.
I'm going to try hitting up all amazing food shops, markets etc etc etc.

I am staying in the cutest little studio overlooking a really lovely little square with trees.
Above a bakery.
Next door to a few restaurants.

Anyway enough day dreaming. Just wanted to share, the news & the card that is!
Download Here

Oh & check out the artist who made the French Toast, he's so cute!