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Mixology: What to Drink & Dance-to for the Holidays

Right now I'm sitting on my couch, semi-coherently listening to Brazilian Girls and downing a nice Vodka (Diet) Coke, and I love blame the internet.

Let me begin with a little cautionary tale of how I ended up here. . .

It's almost the holidays and I'm engaged.
This can mean only one thing:

I'm exhausted.

Actually being engaged is pretty comparable to celebrating a big holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas.
For one, it's fun! It makes you inherently happier in the morning when you wake up, you find yourself smiling for no particular reason, you hum a few more tunes than usual.
You get dressed up! You have celebratory dinners, you get your engagement pictures taken, you commemorate things left and right.

You toast life more than you ever have before. You make fun decisions on things like outfits, and rentals, small-bites and the bigger ones too. Color schemes and china and

. . .

 I have absolutely no room left for the normal decisions in life. Like what to cook for Thanksgiving. Or the solutions to the varied conundrums that inevitably interfere with my Norman Rockwell holiday fantasies.

So when I saw this website on Design Crush that tells you what tasty adult beverage to serve up with specific tunes, I about died. Music = Yes. Drinking = Yes. ONE LESS DECISION TO MAKE?


P.S. Apparently Billy Joel is synonymous with Miller High Life beer. PRICELESS lol