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Drink of the Week

When I said drink of the week, I meant drink of the century. I may or may not explore other drinks on this site, but I promise I will continue to refer to this one.  It is. . . .the coconut. . . mojito. AKA Cocojito.
I discovered this little ditty at the Blue Agave in Santa Barbara where I celebrated my college graduation.  They do say that as one door closes, another opens.  So my eyes were opened wide when I took the first sip of this heavenly concoction. 
My boyfriend said to me this weekend, as I sucked down the last little lingering droplets, "Why must that drink be so good?!"
I said, "What do you mean"
He raised his pinkie. 
"What, the glass is too big & it hurts your pinkies to hold it?"
"No" Eye roll
"Then what?"
"I love it, but I can never order it because its too girly"
I proceeded to laugh as I hoarded this effeminate yummy-ness to myself
It's so good, it needs a disguise when it goes out in public.
It's so good, it's rumored that it's the lovechild of Chuck Norris & Chiquita Banana.
Like the Dos Equis guy, it lives vicariously through itself.
Please try making it. Or if you just can't wait, head over to your local bar & order it.
I promise you it will change your life.
It has for every person it's met on Eharmony.
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Oh. So. Bubbly Feeling.

In attempt to maintain the small amount of sanity I can claim on a normal basis, I've been transporting myself on a mental vacay to May 10 2010
On this day I'm on a beach somewhere, sipping some deliciously tropical drink filled
with the most fattening  best ingredient known to man: cream.
I'm in a little cafe somewhere
drinking a bottle of Syrah & indulging in some garlic pasta.
I do not care that my breath is now smelly.
I'm nibbling on guacamole & inhaling margaritas.
The mariachis are my new bffs.
I'm enjoying cocojitos.
I'm wearing an adult tutu & popping some bubbly.
I am actually hoping to pull off a vacation
beginning of June.
Even if its not a European holiday.
I need some suggestions of some places to go.
What was your favorite vacation?
Please think post-collegiate bourgeoisie
Nothing too extravagant, but I want to get out of the states
Or I could do the U.S., if you had a blast somewhere stateside
and not Mexico! lol I've been there too many times.
Side effect of Cali-living.
Ok now I've put too many stupid criteria on it
and probably annoyed you away from helping me :)
Forgive me, share freely
Thanks to A Glamorous Little Side Project for this fun image!