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Friday I'm in Love

It's Friday again and the bliss of Saturday afternoon is so close I can literally taste it.
I say literally because I'm hoping my Saturday afternoon will be filled with delicious fresh picked apples.
Have I mentioned I'm becoming obsessed with picking my own produce?
It's scary.
Soon you might find me peddling my goods at roadside stands. But that's another story.

Anyway today I'm concentrating my obsession on a long-time dream of mine.
A furry vest.
Can I commit to it? Can I pull it off? I don't know. But Olivia Palermo sure can.

I think the key is to keep it simple, & use one color scheme to where the fur stands out, but also blends in, so you don't look like some tacky Peta nightmare. . .

Thanks Brunch at Saks !
Have I mentioned I love her glasses? Ugh. Swooon.
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First Ever Little Girl Shiny World Freebie Printable!

This bad boy is free for personal use! No commercial use please. (not like it's that good, but still had to say it)
Download Here

So friends, remember when I mentioned I was taking that graphic design course?
Well it's about halfway over and we have worked on a lot of really lame great projects.
Ok, the projects aren't lame per say, but they are beginner at best. Which is perfectly appropriate for me since I am a complete beginner--except for one little problem.  My eyes are bigger than my stomach!

In non-foodie metaphors that is to say that I want to create things beyond my current skill set! I want to build Rome in a day and sit on top of it sipping a nice Syrah I bottled myself. But then I breathe, and I remind myself that all comes in time. For now I am super excited that I get to share my first FREEBIE PRINTABLE CREATED BY ME for YOU.

Well actually, it was created by me for my most recent and most exciting homework assignment, which was to create a postcard design.  So in reality you are getting sloppy seconds. But you don't mind that at all do you?

I'm new to this whole uploading freebies thing, so I apologize if something goes wrong.

It's a 4 x 6.25 which is apparently the standard postcard size.
It was designed according to US Postal Service Regulations, which means there is no design element that should make it un-mailable and it shouldn't get returned to you!
Just slap a stamp on the back upper right corner where my fake indicia (stamp-thing) is!

And I wouldn't mind feedback at all! I am learning so I only have room to grow. Also any ideas for printables you might like to see would be welcomed. I need some fun practice!
Email me: