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The Love Shop on Etsy!
SOL Food Festival this weekend.
I plan to get my Sustainable,Organic, and Local food & drink on!
I will make sure to post about how it goes, (as if it will be anything but sweet.)
Lately I've been spending my Saturdays all cooped up @ Starbucks doing homework.
This weekend, I plan on lazing around in the sunshine as much as possible.
What are YOUR plans?

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Must. Have.

Loeffler Randall Georgia Mesh Lace-up Bootie.

Fall Hair Trend, the modern beehive
I need a dog, so I can buy it this coat--or a larger one for myself. lol
Everything that Alexa Chung is wearing at the Mulberry Spring 2011 show. Ps isn't that background sweet!
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Happy Monday

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Oysters Rockefeller, Yes Please.

Dear Brophy Brothers Santa Barbara,

You have cursed me to a life of wanting.
Wanting oysters rockefeller.
The most delicious thing ever,
next to your clam chowder that is.
Seriously, I am going to have to make this.