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Slow Motion Goodness

The bf and I often find ourselves reminiscing about our youth gone by.
Ok, obviously our youth has not completely passed us, but we really miss
that sweet, carefree feeling that comes with an insane amount of freedom
combined with a total lack of responsibility.
A.K.A. college.

So we try our best to catch every last fleeting moment of it.
By moving in slow-motion. By abandoning responsibility and stress, even if just for a day.
Today we spent a leisurely afternoon at the park.
Santa Barbara has some really great ones.
Eating cheese, munching on strawberries.
Watching people with their kids play catch. Tracking a Boston Terrier run back and forth after a bouncy blue ball.
You know, just kicking off our shoes and doing nothing

oh, and did I mention I bought a new painting a bit ago? I just love it :)