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Let's Get Married!

So based on my lack of postings on the subject, you probably think I am one of those anti-bride type of brides. The too-cool-for-school, f-martha, style-me-ugly type of gal who just doesn't buy into the whole "i'm a princess welcome to world biatches" type of wedding day.

And there you'd be wrong.

You know that show Hoarders? That's like me, but instead of collecting piles and piles of crap and rodent excrement, I collect millions of wedding ideas. I hoard them in my mind, I obsess over them. Silk taffeta or silk satin for the bridesmaids dresses? Is champagne too close to ivory, is ivory different than diamond white? And like those many toothless hillbillies addicted to their stuff, I refuse to let things go.

"What bf, you don't like my idea to have trapeze artists wearing only body paint swing from the ceiling beams? HOW DARE YOU NOT LIKE MY CRAZY SUPER-GENIUS IDEA! Now we are DEFINITELY hiring them".

This is why I haven't shared the many awesome, beautiful and amazing wedding finds I've come across. I might not be able to stop myself. It'd be like a crazy train, you'd be both the passenger and the helpless maiden tied to the tracks. 

Today is an exception. I just had to share this wedding from Style Me Pretty Australia. It's like if a wedding did it with a rockstar and had a baby that wore Betsey Johnson. It so not me, but its so cool.

And for the record, I wouldn't call myself a Bridezilla. I'm more of a Captain Jean Luc Picard.

"Make it so".