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T.G.I.F. with Hungover Owls

ughhh…wait…why…why am I naked?

It's Friday before a 3-day weekend.
This is a good thing.
You know what else is a good thing?
These bad-ass birds
know what the morning after feels like
and in this we share a common ground.
(Mom I swear I never woke up surprised at my own nakedness, really, promise)
So check out the site, read the captions
and perhaps foresee
the look on your face tomorrow morning
if you have a reaally good time tonight :)

Look, I’m sorry for blowing up earlier. It’s just…I can feel tequilain my face.

I think…I think that place downtown is still serving brunch.
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New Ralph Lauren Home Collection: The Heiress

When I read this description for Ralph Lauren Home's new collection I thought dear god, they know me.
They really know me! I was swept up in a whirlwind of terms. Old World, history, bohemian romance. Eclectic & gently disheveled. Sweet Jesus! I'm already a devoted member of the Church of R. Lauren and this description only instilled further belief in him.
Thanks Haute Design for all of these images!

Well let me tell you, the collection is pure glamor. It might actually be a little too glamorous for me, I think.
It's elegance embodied. As if Jackie O. transformed into a home furnishing collection. Which is to say that it is flawless but just a little too mature for my taste. In other words this has caused me a slight crisis of faith.

I need more flair, a strange statue of an animal, an odd drawing of a penis something profane. But I guess those things aren't really Ralph are they? This is a little too much like they pulled out their "Old World Calculator" and added the obligatory dark wood, crystal and gold accents, rich fabrics. etc.It sounds like I don't like it. lol I do! Just not as much as I thought I would  
So like some classical painting, I'll stare, I'll appreciate, but it ain't coming home with me--well at least not all of it. lol
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How to Furnish a Room with No Furniture

In my heart
lies a secret compartment
filled with a deep love for all things kitsch.

Are you familiar with Rene Magritte's famous work
The Treachery of Images
Where he portrays a pipe
only to write below
This is not a pipe
Because technically,
it's not a pipe.
It's an image of a pipe.
Ah so clever.
The idea is to challenge the viewer's perception of reality.

I love things like this that play with your mind.
Like the home decor decals below.
Frames Decal AREAWARE
Vinyl + Hanger AREAWARE

Olivia Headboard Wall Decal Urban Outfitters
Wrought Iron Headboard Decal Urban Outfitters
You could furnish a whole bedroom without any furniture!