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Paris Je T'Aime

The ring was too big for the right finger!

Paris. The City of Love. The City of Lights. The City I got engaged in!
Yep, this little lady is engaged. How exciting right?

I waiver between total euphoria and absolute terror. I'm no fool, I have a great amount of respect for the sanctity of marriage, and as such I know what a huge deal this is!

It's like a crashing wave, a thunderstorm, a bolt of lightning. It's beautiful, it's magical, it's awe-inspiring but you know the force behind it is beyond you, and above you and totally greater than you could ever be.

I am so proud to be marrying the bf. I read this quote the other day (cheesy love quotes time) that said:

"Lovers don't meet somewhere, they're in each other all along"

and I thought it was so fitting for the bf and I. Even all those years ago I knew there was something in him that fit something in me. I didn't know we'd get married, and our love wasn't always easy.As Donkey from Shrek would say, we were like onions, many layers making it hard for us to see each other clearly. But that little seed was there. Little roots spread out between us and intertwined. I knew when one of our first official dates was sitting on his futon watching Ferngully & eating take-out Chinese--this was something special.

And now, many adventures later we are here. He proposed in a quiet courtyard in front of our Paris apartment. He got down on his knee, heart beating wildly ( I know because I felt it when he hugged me) and asked me to marry him so he could love me forever. I said yes, (and what? and omg? and really?) and now we're at this fork in our lives.
And it's so exciting.