Bloggy Faux Pas

So I made my first real blog faux pas! For our Mother's Day event at my work we had a great professional photographer who took all our pictures. I posted a couple on here to show you how great the event was & didn't credit him. I honestly didn't even think of it, & consider my blog so small & private I didn't think anyone would notice or care! Well he came across my blog and sent me a nice email reminding me the importance of crediting & he's right!

Apparently it looked like I was trying to pass those pictures off as having taken them, which I definitely did not, take them, that is.
I would hate if someone took my work & tried to pass it off as their own, so I feel very badly that he thought that. So this is my apology to Scott Gibson super cool photographer & anyone else I haven't properly credited.

I would gladly take any images down that people feel are rightfully theirs.
Except the ones that are my own! lol
Happy Friday Ladies & let this serve as a reminder to everyone
(because it is really embarrassing to get emails pointing out your mistakes!) lol


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