Living In. . .

Today I am feeling dreamy.  The weather here has plateaued at 75 degrees with a slight breeze and plenty of sunshine.  The most stressful month of my job is over.  Feels a little like smooth sailing.  I'm sure after saying this I'll come in to work tomorrow and find a big dead water buffalo on my desk, but for the moment I am relaxed and loving life.

One of my favorite sites, Design Sponge has a series known as "Living In" where she picks classic movies (or just ones with awesome scenery) and sets up a design look with products in keeping with the style of the movie.  Her selections make you feel as if you are "Living In" whatever movie she chooses that week. So far I have lived in Out of Africa, Romeo & Juliet, and today's gorgeous display from Gosford Park.

With my lackadaisical mood today it was beyond easy for me to float away into these cinematic scenes.  I decided to make a "Living In" of my own based off where I wish I could be on such sleepy days. . .
If anyone is rich and wants to buy any of this, here you go.


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