Tuesday Morning Product Indulgence

It's Tuesday.  A day known only for its amazing ability to be worse than a Monday.  The relaxation of the previous weekend has worn off with the buzz of your Monday morning coffee, but you are really no closer to your next day of rest. Wednesday you can comfort yourself that it's halfway over. Thursday and Friday just fly on by. But Tuesday. Blegh.

It's funny in college I had no concept of days or weeks really.  Time was a much more fluid thing. I'm eating breakfast at 2 o'clock on a Wednesday? Totally. I'm sleeping at 11 a.m. on Friday? Of course! And actually there was no sacred Friday as an employed person knows it to be. Thursday night began our weekends. Friday was my extra Saturday.

Now I live a much more structured lifestyle. While the monetary compensation I receive comforts me in this regard, sometimes I do just want to break free!

Instead I bought these candles. I thought I would share them with you in hopes that they might cheer you up this dreary Tuesday morn.

They are actually really cool, they are soy and so they melt at a much cooler temperature. I dipped my finger in the pool as it was burning and its not hot. Also since they are soy apparently you can use the meltings as a moisturizer.

I bought the Vanilla Orange and it was literally like rubbing a creamsicle on my hands. Yum!
Check out SOI candles online and enjoy this worst of days. :)


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