Sac A Baguette

So yesterday I touched upon my mother-induced neuroses.  She has made me painfully aware of how I try to eat organic, how I attempt to shop green, how I can often be found strolling through farmer's markets & little cheese shops (or scarfing down Del Taco & scratching my lady version of a plumber's crack; I handle disparity well lol) She calls me a "yuppie" and though I may find it a cringe-worthy misnomer, she says it with pride.

Why is my mother so proud to have produced a guppie (a green minded yuppie to me, according to urban dictionary it's a gay yuppie, which I'm not! lol)? Well because in her childhood, heck in my childhood, we would considered it lucky to be a yuppie. Growing up eating hamburger helper 5 nights a week we coveted the pretensions associated with a "yuppie-lifestyle". Seriously this was the type of ground beef that has like 90% fat/gristle, pumped full of steroids, and quite possibly mixed with horse meat. I may be permanently emotionally & physically scarred by that stuff.

She is proud that she considers me to have made it to a certain extent in life, affording luxuries she never could. At least I assume that's her thought process. With my mom, you never know.
Why you ask am I over-sharing telling you all this? Because I am trying to talk myself out of buying a really unnecessary-but-awesome product. I had to reveal my deep dark secrets to remind myself not to over indulge.I have to prove to my mom I am no freakin guppie! :)
But ladies, I encourage you to do so because you, I'm sure, don't have years of baggage associated with spending money < Insert sarcasm here.
I reveal the Sac a Baguette the bag made for us guppies to stylishly & comfortably tote around our farmer's market purchases.
Seriously I would buy this thing in a second if it weren't for the price tag.
I'll let you experience the sticker shock for yourselves :)
Check out Sac A Baguette, and if you can spare the change, please buy it! :) For my sake, so I can live vicariously through you.
& thanks Oh Joy Eats for the introduction


LouBoo | May 25, 2010 at 12:00 PM

Hi Rachel - guppie is a new term for me but I think it's good! Anything about Farmer's Market purchases gets my attention so I have to now check out i) whether you can get them in the UK and then ii) just how much we are talking?! Louise x

Haleigh | May 28, 2010 at 11:43 AM

haha these are adorable and actually made me LOL, I mustttt forward this to my french friends LOL

xoxo Bardot in Blue

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