Sexual Napalm for Your Walls

 Does anyone else remember when John Mayer said that Jessica Simpson was like sexual napalm?

Did anyone else laugh for like twenty minutes after?

Well anyways I stumbled across a kind of sexual napalm I can really get on board with--the kind for your walls!
I am a pretty cheeky gal myself so I just adored this Erotic Toile print you can get to adorn your walls, your bed, your bags, and if you are really adventures you can eat some decadent aphrodisiacs desserts off of it!

Taking a sweet toile print your grandmother might have in her French Provincial cottage, has really duurrrtied it up with some pretty sexually suggestive scenes right out of 1863. And I like it!
So. Check it out and if you are of an adventurous spirit test it out!

Thanks CasaSugar for passing this along. . .


Katie | November 9, 2010 at 3:28 PM

Too funny. Yes I definitely remember that :)

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