99 MILLION Balloons.

It always catches me by surprise.
The remnants of childhood that still lurk within us.
Like the sense of girlish excitement I still get from seeing a big, bright, bouquet of balloons.

Given the terrible weather right now, I wish I could just grab onto the strings like a cowgirl grabbing the reigns and ride the wind (because--dear God it's windy here right now) away from this place.

But that won't happen for a few more weeks. And sadly I wont be traveling on anything so whimsical as a bunch of balloons. No no, I'll do the adult thing. I'll take a plane.

But don't be surprised if you see a little girl (in stature not in spirit) heading down the Champs Elysses followed by a trail of sweet bouncy friends. Only about a dozen or so, I promise.

from vi.sualize.us
Ah Miss Dior Cheri, Mon Ami

from Oh, So Darling
The movie Up
What do we think of Lauren Conrad's new line? I love the name and this ad!

For my wedding (in the far & distant future) I'd love to release balloons like these with little *best wishes* notes on them as opposed to throwing rice. Gotta get biodegradable balloons & plantable paper! :)


aiz kim | February 18, 2011 at 2:39 PM

Hello...its been a while right?! Hope everything is well in your part of the world, despite the weather and all. Balloons are sweet...they're my favorite props for photoshoots (though i have yet to take one with). Have a great day!

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