When Irish Eyes are Smiling. . .

It's probably because they are drunk.  But according to the song. . .

Sure, tis' like the morning spring! In the lilt of Irish laughter, you can hear the angels sing!

Sooo I'm not sure but I'm guessing that someone Irish wrote this song. Because as an Irishwoman myself, and not to be self deprecating, but my laughter is nothing like an angel's song. In the spirit of honesty I'll have to say; it. is. better

  Nothing induces Irish laughter (or Irish modesty) like a wee bit o' alchy.  Now I don't drink like I used to because I don't like vomiting or being arrested but I still love a good drink. As the temperatures have finally been dipping down to something bearable I decided to whip up a nice warm batch of Irish Cocoa.

The recipe to follow is a modification of the classic Irish Coffee.  It was modified mostly due to my inability to tolerate caffeine well and only partially due to the fact that I found some questionably old Nestle powdered cocoa in my cupboard.

Rachel's Irish Cocoa (or Cheapy McCheaperson's Irish Coffee)

plus a lot of:

 Add a dash of milk, the possibility of Jameson's Irish Whiskey, and you're all set!


Thu | October 7, 2009 at 8:56 AM

OH my gosh, this is awesome! I am totally making good use of this over the weekend.

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