I Left My Heart in the the City of Vines, Part Two

Day one of vacation and it was picnics and Pinots (ok, not just pinots but it sounds so good right? Lot's of red wine) lol
We headed to Regusci Winery, as we heard it had a sweet spot for picnic lunches.
We heard right. 
Surrounded by olive trees (they make delicious olive oil) and Cabernet grapes
we took in the scenery and enjoyed a casual lunch.
I swear I was in heaven.
Add a few pudgy--pudgy is putting in kindly, these doggies were quite the chubsters lol-- Corgi's guarding the grounds and a very kind server
who allowed us a taste of their $125 estate Cabernet and it was a really great beginning to our day.


Katie | July 11, 2010 at 6:39 PM

Cute pics!

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