A Little Summer Reading List, Book One

So if you read my blog on an anywhere-near-regular basis you know that I have grand ideas that many times may or may not come to fruition 
I blame this on  my mom.
I don't know how yet, but I know it's.her fault. She probably didn't feed me enough leafy greens or something.
Damn that woman. lol I kid, I kid. Obviously she did something right because here I am living and breathing.
Ok back to the point ( sorry it's Friday or as I call it "Everyone has ADD Day"), I had a little project in mind that you probably thought I had forgotten, given-up on, danced-around or burned at the stake with all my other failed projects.
If you thought that, you were wrong!
In the time you spent eating your daily meals, getting your nails did, and thinking I was a flake, I have been scouring the earth for a good read or two.
I'm sorry that's a lie. Do you want to know how I found the first book in the Little Girls Summer Reading List?
I will tell you my secret if you promise not to think less of me.
I found the book that you (some of you) agreed to join me in reading, on one of my favorite celebrity gossip sites.
I know, how embarrassing!
Anyways I was reading somewhere that HBO was coming up with a new series based of yet another book. Now since I am a fan of almost all things HBO I thought, great I can finally get a chance to read the inspiration before they produce the show!
And if any of you watch True Blood you know that HBO series can be full of cheese & great subject matter for a lite summer read. 
So my first book that I will be reading and you will be pretending to read following along with, is 

The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death
"With a style that is razor sharp, an eye that never shies from the gritty details, and a taste for stories that simultaneously shock, disturb, and entertain, Charlie Huston is one of a kind. And The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death is the type of story–swift, twisted, hilarious, somehow hopeful–that only he could dream up.

The fact is, whether it’s a dog hit by a train or an old lady who had a heart attack on the can, someone has to clean up the nasty mess. And that someone is Webster Fillmore Goodhue, who just may be the least likely person in Los Angeles County to hold down such a gig. With his teaching career derailed by tragedy, Web hasn’t done much for the last year except some heavy slacking. But when his only friend in the world lets him know that his freeloading days are over, and he tires of taking cash from his spaced-out mom and refuses to take any more from his embittered father, Web joins Clean Team–and soon finds himself sponging a Malibu suicide’s brains from a bathroom mirror, and flirting with the man’s bereaved and beautiful daughter"

So ladies, it's your challenge if you are willing to accept it. lol. It sounds a bit outrageous and macabre, but that's my fancy. Did any of you like Six Feet Under? I read somewhere that Charlie Huston uses black humor & I said to myself, sign me up! I love postmodernist absurdity. I'm hoping this will read something like a John Irving novel but it may be wishful thinking. Oops don't want to give too much away because book number two might be a John Irving classic. ..
P.S. I am only sharing one book at a time because I'm coming up with them as I go along lol.
So is life.
I will have the participants posted on my sidebar ASAP since the reading list is officially starting!


Miss Makes-a-lot | July 16, 2010 at 10:03 AM

i am instantly intrigued, no better way to find a good read then via a celebrity gossip site, ha! i'll hit up the library this week!!! x

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