The Reason I am a Creepy Wedding Blog Stalker

Is because I'm engaged! Just kidding. Oh that was a bad one. See what I mean. Creepy Wedding Blog Stalker here, and apparently the creepiness is spreading into the realm of inappropriate and uncomfortable jokes. Hehe hopefully my mom doesn't read this and call me up "why didn't you teeell mee, I'm your moootherr". Yes, I know you are my mother. And if I were ever to have amnesia, the one fact I would remember is that you are my mother, because I am sure you wouldn't allow me to forget that. You would conquer amnesia.

Anyway nope not engaged and if we could keep my creepy jokes just between us, I don't want to scare the bf. lol. I love blog stalking wedding sites because they provide a wealth of entertaining & hostessing ideas, projects, downloads etc. Somehow people just feel like being really generous around weddings. Apparently being single means you don't deserve excessive amounts of freebies. Well I say boo. Did I say boo? I meant to say F-that.

So in my bitter browsing, while grinding my teeth at all the downloads that are personalized & uneditable & say "You're invited to my awesome --insert ridiculous theme here-- wedding" I sometimes come across downloads that can be used for just general good times. Even better sometimes they are left open enough for you to insert your own info!

And so I apologize to the download gods for my lack of faith. Then I share my finds with you on this blog.
Today it is some goodies for having a wine & cheese party (which is what I think heaven may be, but I'm not sure)

So please check these out & put them to use. I know I will if I can wrangle together some of my classier friends . . .
Head over HERE, to the Wedding Style Guide to download the invites, notecards, & labels. . .


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