O.M.G. Love; Jason Hackenwerth

I heart Nylon magazine. Because they turn me on to such cool things!
Like Jason Hackenwerth. And his big, awesome, somewhat unsettling (and sometimes phallic) balloon sculptures.
They are awe inspiring & shudder-inducing (as are many phallic objects)
Lol sorry I'm in a cheeky mood.
The colors are vibrant and the scale is impressive.
A lot of them look like something from a sci-fi horror
or science book sketch. It makes me uncomfortable!
But in the best way possible.
Like a movie that creeps you out
but you can't stop watching.
Did I mention they are balloons? Oh  right, I did.
Did I mention some of them are wearable? No? Well they are.
Which makes them even cooler lol.

Check out his site.
He has prints for sale
for those who aren't so faint of heart. . . .


Laura Loo | September 7, 2010 at 8:40 PM

WHAAAAAAAAT? that's crazy cool!!!!

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