James Victore Art Sale = Be Still Beating My Heart

Go here. Buy now.

So I am an art slut. It's ok, I've come to terms with it. I am a whore for paintbrushes, ink smudges, and people's personal creations that I feel call my name. I might not be knowledgeable enough to sell it, but I am knowledgeable enough to waste all my disposable income on it. Lucky me!

I am also promiscuous in my pursuit of a good deal. I sign up for all the private sale sites and am always searching for a newer, better way to get the fancy stuff I want with the mere pennies I have.

Most recently I signed up for Fab.com a private sale site that specializes in specialty home decor, art. etc.

Holy crap, I think I'm in love. Today they are featuring something I just had to share.

Art Prints by James Victore! One of my favorite graphic designers. I think his work speaks so much to the dualistic role of design to create aesthetically pleasing art, and also communicate a message. Most of James prints for sale on Fab.com are some sort of advertisement designs, from subway ads to wine labels. And yet I would love to hang one in my home.

Sadly I can't afford even the discounted prices being offered. UGH! But please, someone take advantage of this.  Or if you love me (hint hint fiance, friends, family, or the secretly enamored) I do have a wedding coming up, and I hear rumors that people buy you stuff for those things. . .


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