O.M.G Love Art; Jane Mount's Ideal Bookshelf

She actually hand writes a note to you. LOVE!

So I know I've already mentioned I go every which way for a piece of art that speaks to me.
Imagine my excitement when I found the amazing art series by Jane Mount called The Ideal Bookshelf.(did I mention I was also a Comparative Literature major in college?)

The Ideal Bookshelf chronicles exactly that, your dream world of literary adventures.

From side by side fashion faves to rows and rows of Harry Potter, to classics like Lolita and Don Quixote, her work embraces and exudes the idiosyncrasies of each bibliophile, everywhere.  And if you don't see your bookshelf for sale, she'll make it!

I recently received my personal purchase of a wonderful list of cookbooks and culinary favorites that I am proud to display in my kitchen.

Please check her out. As an art lover and a supporter of the dying art of paper print, Jane Mount is a rockstar goddess to me.


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