Apartment Covetry, Alexis Mabille

In honor of Fashion Week (of which I am so ignorant and far removed that it's ridiculous) I decided to do this post. I was doing a little research on it since I've been seeing the buzz everywhere.  The first thing I ran into was Alexis Mabilles Spring Collection. Of course this was because I clicked on "Spring 2010 Couture". I might not be a very learned fashionista but I can definitely appreciate the art form that is haute couture.

I immediately remembered him, I had coveted his French apartment in an issue of French Elle Decor.  During my lunch I often go to Barnes & Noble and ogle gracefully peruse the pretty interiors to be found in their many home decor magazines. His perfect combination of glamour, disorder and of course mirrory made me swoon.

Can I please go to France and design couture in my fabulous apartment, please universe, pretty please?

Pictures courtesy of Elle Decor


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