If You Ever Leave Me, I Plan on Going with You

This is what I wrote on the inside of my boyfriend's Valentine. I found that quote somewhere (in my hours of searching for online inspiration) and I thought it was just great. It's also very true and I do not mind if this makes me a creepy stalker. Much to my relief I haven't been pushed to that extremity yet and I was able to enjoy Valentine's Day with my boyfriend instead of following him. I even mustered up a plan for Valentine's Day that I could get on board with; a plan that didn't involve pink & red hearts, chocolates, champagne or roses illuminated by candlelight.

How, pray tell, did we manage to celebrate without such V-Day staples? We went on a picnic to the beautiful Shoreline Park. This park runs parallel to the coast line downtown. We had a hard time choosing because apparently Santa Barbara is just a treasure trove for park lovers. I definitely know how I will be spending my Sundays from now on. We settled on Shoreline because Sunday was gorgeous and relaxing at a park while staring at the waves sounded too good to pass up.

I packed up my new picnic tote bag similar to this one with goodies. . .

We stopped at the awesome C'est Cheese for sandwiches & drinks. . .

We parked the car, opened the wine & proceeded to have a ridiculously relaxing & nice time.

  We got a really great spot right by the cliffs  & the entryway to the beach below (kind of the only one like it).The only downside was this creepy guy who was literally looking through bushes & stuff right by us for a little bit. We thought he may be treasure hunting? I don't know. lol
Like I said it was a gorgeous day. This is the view from the picnic table. . .
 Off to the left there must have been some sort of sailing event look at all the sailboats out!
 One of the best parts (besides the wine I brought) was the copious amounts of dog watching to be had. We both agreed that dog watching is infinitesimally better than people watching.
 I just could not get over what a pretty view we had.
  It was such a great day, and that was only half of it!
I would definitely suggest a picnic as a great way to celebrate any event for any age group. We saw parents with their toddlers & teenagers, plenty of couples young and old, and that lone creeper by the bushes :) With all the crazy things that we can do now you kind of forget how great simple things can be. 
Valentine's Evening exploits to be posted ASAP.


Mlle Natalia Ramirez | February 16, 2010 at 1:09 PM

I think its hiliarious that you wrote that in his vday card! so you!! I like the blog you are quite entertaining! Im jealous of the sunshine!

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