DIY Love, Metallic Molding

My love of shiny things exists on two levels.  One is figurative, anything amazing, pretty, fabulous or gorgeous I deem shiny & I embrace.  On the other hand I literally like shiny things. I wish my house could be a mirrored box with metallic accents.

When I saw this InStyle DIY project on A Sweet Concoction I fell in love. With foil tape and a yard stick ( I checked & it's 4.99 @ Ace Hardware) you can make some very chic molding.

I've dragged the bf into this project as I cannot get things level to save my life. You can imagine what picture hanging is like for me (I will tell you it's not pretty). The bf said this looks like a pretty princess room and I said um, obviously I am a pretty princess! I'm going to try and convince him we should do it this weekend, well see.  I will post the results.  Until then check out this great project for yourself.


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