O.M.G. Love, Art.

In my imagination I am a lot of things. Some of these are true to reality and some are well, imaginary. For example, I often find myself shocked when I hear that I'm short.  I mean of course I face this obstacle daily.  Like when I can't find something and it's because my boyfriend placed it in a cabinet above my head that I can't see into. But in my head that doesn't happen. In my head I swear I'm a towering Amazonian. I'm the Chihuahua who barks at the Great Dane. Sometimes it's just embarrassing.

In my imagination I'm also an art connoisseur.  There I attend many swanky art shows, schmooze with the in crowd, and inhabit a great metropolitan apartment where I entertain nightly. In reality I go online trying to find something that isn't cheesy in my price range. Don't feel bad for me though, I do alright.  And when I don't I drown my sorrows in a nice vodka tonic. Life is good.

Lately I've been making some really great discoveries. Below is one of them. Fashion illustrator Sandra Suy combines two of my passions, art & design.  Her illustrations make me want to wear the clothes & hang them on the wall.

Her art makes me wish I could be any one of these women. Playing dress up, imagining myself taller. 
While I have seen Sandra Suy on quite a few sites, my introduction is courtesy of A Life More Fabulous


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